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Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center for Laser Control System

In December 2023, according to the "Management Measures of Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center" and the review of the scientific and technological innovation plan project management agency, Changsha BSL. Info. Tech. Co., Ltd. (“BSL”)was identified as "Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center for Laser Control System".


On January 17, 2024, the unveiling ceremony of "Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center for Laser Control System" was held in BSL.The company's general manager Tiegeng Luo, deputy general manager Ruitao Li , deputy general manager Weiqin Zhu , chief engineer Yue Chen and other company executives attended and witnessed this important moment.This event marks another important milestone in the development process of BSL, and also a solemn commitment to the company's future development.

It is reported that the selection of Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center is an important part of the province's scientific and technological innovation system, and an important base to organize the engineering research of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promote the development of high-tech industry.As a cooperative innovation platform for enterprises, universities and research institutes, the Engineering Technology Research Center can guide enterprises to further promote technological innovation and achievement transformation by establishing engineering research. 

BSL focuses on laser control system and solutions, and is an industry benchmarking high-tech enterprise with core competitiveness. At present, the company has a total of 86 people, including 52 professional R&D personnel, accounting for 60% of the total number of employees.BSL has a high-quality, professional R&D team, strong R&D strength, after nearly 10 years of R&D team building, has accumulated a solid foundation of theoretical research and application technology reserves, has a number of completely independent invention patents and software copyrights, and has undertaken national science and technology plans for many times, filling a number of industry application blanks.The world's first high-speed flight marking algorithm makes the efficiency of assembly line equipment improved by 60%, and the precision of PCB precision machining can reach 7 microns; products are used in marking, flying, welding, cleaning, precision machining, etc., with strong compatibility, rich functions, convenient operation, the latest four-axis series is not limited by any application scenarios, suitable for a variety of applications.Product efficiency, stability, compatibility is in the leading level in China. The company has established a nationwide marketing network to closely integrate products with the market, and the solution center and technical support center bring timely and accurate service guarantee for customers across the country. BSL with many well-known domestic enterprises, in the subdivision field of application software design and development, the company's domestic market share in 2022 ranks top three in China and first in the province. 

As "Hunan Province Laser Control System Engineering Technology Research Center", BSL joined the "three high four new" strategic positioning and mission task of Hunan Province, will be built into a core competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation highland, will give full play to the role of BSL in Hunan Province scientific and technological achievements engineering and industrialization.This is the affirmation and praise of our long-term unremitting exploration and accumulation of efforts, and also an important milestone for our new journey. 

As "Hunan Province Laser Control System Engineering Technology Research Center", through the research and development platform provided by the Department of Science and Technology of Hunan Province, enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, can help BSL improve innovation ability and enhance core competitiveness, more importantly, it provides a way for BSL to cultivate high-level engineering and technical personnel and management personnel. BSL's capable research and development personnel can participate in the project work of the center, obtain international and domestic scientific and technological cooperation, exchange and learning opportunities, and constantly improve the research and development ability and level of individual research and development personnel and BSL as a whole. 

As "Hunan Province Laser Control System Engineering Technology Research Center", we believe that BSL will continue to progress and innovation, constantly develop new markets and businesses, and achieve sustainable development. In the future, we will adhere to our core values as always, uphold the business philosophy of "pioneering and innovative, mutual benefit and win-win", form closer relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and other parties, make greater achievements in the field of laser control, and contribute to the "Made in China 2025".

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