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software solutions to common problems of standard laser marking card

Number           Problem description               Solution measures

DBK21B board is not registered or trial board       


The USB is unstable. Replace the port on the USB         

 computer and power on the card again

2The network port marking card cannot be found

Modify the computer into a fixed IP, the board can be     

found after the reset card


Standard laser marking card software QR code is   

different from the code system of Jingchengzi.The 

scan is different. Sometimes there are problems

Change the name of the libcodebar.dll file in the             

software, change TBarCode11.dll to libcodebar.dll, and 

replace the two-dimensional code library.


When you use the axis of rotation, sometimes it     

 keep turning, sometimes it can't.

It is estimated that the problem is USB connection.    

Check the log to confirm whether there is interference    

from USB


If three files are triggered by different ports, can it   

print what you send

Use multi - document marking plus network text

After the new English installation package is           

installed, some Chinese characters are displayed

Computer system causes, computer system switch to

English can solve


The same characters, the same padding, the marking

effect can be thick or thin.

This phenomenon is actually determined by the filling   

algorithm. The main factors are as follows:

 1. Confirm whether the whole object is selected 

 2.Line spacing

 3. Character font, size, spacing. 

The solution is that the software modifies the fill        

algorithm to calculate the fill individually for each      



When you use rotary text notation when you have a

serial number in the text and a two-dimensional     

code the text that shows up with the serial number   

is not variable but the edit bar does change

1.Confirm whether to select object global computation.

2.Version problem (Confirm that there is a short version with this problem)

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