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How does embedded chip connect with development platform?

Embedded system is a hot and promising it application field. With the rise of Internet of things, embedded intelligent technology is the basic technology of Internet of things. Embedded system is used in some special equipment, usually the hardware resources of these equipment (such as processor, memory, etc.) are very limited, and they are very sensitive to the cost, sometimes they require high real-time response. Especially with the intellectualization of consumer appliances, embedded is more important. Such as mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary, video phone, VCD / DVD / MP3 player, digital camera (DC), digital video camera (DV), U-disk, set top box, HDTV, game machine, intelligent toy, switch, router, numerical control equipment or instrument, automobile electronics, home appliance control system, medical instrument, etc Aerospace equipment and so on are typical embedded systems.

The hardware platform consists of basic system (including CPU and memory) and peripheral interface circuit modules. The basic system provides a minimum debugging and running environment for the kernel of the operating system. The peripheral interface modules include a variety of hardware interface circuits which are widely used at present, such as LCD module, touch screen module, CF card module, USB module, Ethernet module, IC card module, etc., which can be easily selected and used according to the needs of developers.

At present, embedded processors mainly include am186 / 88, 386EX, sc-400, power PC, Motorola 68000, MIPs, arm series, etc. In the 32-bit embedded processor market, there are mainly Motorola, arm, MIPs, Ti, Hitachi and other companies. Some companies producing general-purpose microprocessors, such as Intel, sun and IBM, also produce embedded microprocessors.

The software platform is composed of embedded Linux operating system, embedded graphical user interface (GUI) and GNU cross compiling and debugging tools. The embedded Linux operating system in.

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