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Splendour Welding Control System

(Model: HJK5B8)

Galvanometer Welding System is a self-developed control system for laser welding, which isbased on the mature galvanometer and laser control platform to support most of the high-powerlasers on the market; optimize the welding process for the characteristics of the welding industryuse the combination of servo and galvanometer control control to improve the welding eficiencya variety of power control modes, a variety of swing forms, can meet the needs of various weldingprocess requirements.

Main Functitons:
• Network port communication, better stability than USB
• Support 8 expansion axes(six-axis linkage)
• Supports YAG/MOPA/QCW/CW/ SPl lasers,etc
• Provide SDk, support secondary development
• Support autofocus.
• Support product customization.
• Support PLC functions for more complex l0 control logic.
• Support negative power feedback.
• Support platform welding and galvanometer welding.
• New metal housing design for better EsD protection.
• Motion shaft encoder input, can achieve high precision machining.
• Electronic hand wheel or wireless electronic handle control, to achieve manual collection and debugging.
• 10:24 inputs,30 outputs; DA: Support 2 DA outputs (dual DA, dual PWM).

Application Industry:
• Automotive industry, new energy, home appliances and kitchen and bathroom, sealed containersmechanical hardware, pipes, plates, tools and other industries.

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