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Network Port Marking Card


The system network port communication, communication is more stable, support long-distancetransmission, wide voltage input, reliability is greatly improved; can be extended to support the en.coder input, support for flight marking is suitable for marking, welding, cleaning, etc., support forsecondary development of SDK; support for 1 machine multi-card, support for a maximum of 1 to 24.

Main Functitons:

• Support Fiber/ MOPA/ COz/ UV lasers.
• Netport UDP communication.
• 12V-24V input; XY2-100 vibrators.
• Support one way DA output; supports 4 extension axes.
• Support 8 inputs and 11 outputs.
• Support continuous lasers and 24V voltage signal output
• Support 2 analog outputs; supports 4 analog inputs.
• Support extended axis closed loop, suitable for precision machining control systems.

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