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Four-Axis Galvanometer Welding

(Software: WeldAPP)

Galvanometer Welding System is a self-developed control system for laser welding, which isbased on the mature galvanometer and laser control platform to support most of the high-powerlasers on the market; optimize the welding process for the characteristics of the welding industryuse the combination of servo and galvanometer control control to improve the welding eficiencya variety of power control modes, a variety of swing forms, can meet the needs of various weldingprocess requirements.

Main Function:

• Support MOPA/YAG/SPl/CW/QCW and other lasers.

• Support four extension axes.

• IO supports 10-channel general-purpose input, 16-channel general-purpose output; DA supports 2-channel DAoutput (dual-beam separate control). Flexible configuration, no need to use optocoupler conversion.

• Support 64-bit operating system of WinXP/ win7/ win8/ Win10.

• Support electronic handwheel and electronic handle control to achieve manual acquisition, debugging and processing.

• Support separate red light marking indication.

• With 32 process waveforms, the parameters of each layer can be customized arbitrarlly to easily realize multi-pa-rameter welding, slow power increase and decrease, spot welding, line welding and other waveform settings.

• Support slow rise and fall of power, spot welding, wire welding waveform Settings.

• Provide SDk, support secondary development.

• Supports autofocus and visual positioning correction.

• Encoder input for motion axes enables high-precision machining.

Application Industry:
Automotive industry, new energy, home appliances and kitchen and bathroom, sealed containersmechanical hardware, pipes, plates, tools and other industries.

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