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     Changsha BSL Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in laser control system and solutions. Supported by a professional technical team, it has independently developed high-speed fly marking control system, laser marking control card, Laser Galvanometer welding control card, laser cleaning control system and laser precision machining control system.

     With the commitment of "integrity and innovation", the company has established a perfect quality assurance system, as well as an efficient and convenient after-sales service system. As one of the leading choices in the field of laser marking, it has developed products of high cost-effectiveness and solutions that customers depend on to get the best results for their business.


Core Team:

   Dr. Luo Tiegeng, the founder of BSL, led a R&D team of more than 1,000 members and has rich experience in technical R&D and team management. BSL possesses a first-class R&D team. At present, 4 of 68 team members worked as the vice president of technology in their previous companies, and the number of the staff graduating from 985 universities and technology enthusiasts accounts for 65% of the total team members. Their R&D ability is obviously higher than that of similar companies. BSL has applied for 22 patents and 38 software copyrights and obtained the qualification of high-tech enterprises. It ranked the top eight of the finals in the “Luchuang Competition” 2018 and the top six of the finals in the “I Want to Invest” Competition of HNTV in 2019, winning the award “Star Potential”.

Industry Status:

   BSL entered the industry at the end of 2013 and started trial sale at the end of 2017. Now, it sells four types of laser control systems, among which the speed of the high-speed fly marking control system has obvious advantages in the world and is faster than the main competitors by 30%-60%. The fly marking system has patented algorithm, which can maintain the advanced level in the industry. The top ranked laser equipment companies in the industry are all adopting the high-speed fly marking control system of BSL.

Business Model:

    BSL provides a special platform for its major customers to make their laser equipments unique and cutting-edge in their segment industries. In turn, the repeated purchase of major customers also supports the sales of software and hardware products. BSL continues to take the lead in industry applications, such as the first development of mobile phone screen removal control system, jewelry marking control system controlled by mobile App and the world’s first PCB windowing control system (used to remove solder mask in PCB processing). At present, it is striving to transform its technical advantages into market share, overcome the resistance of customers to replace the control system and occupy a monopoly market share in the corresponding segmentation.

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