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【NEW】Eyes Visual Marking
【NEW】Eyes Visual Marking
【NEW】Eyes Visual Marking
【NEW】Eyes Visual Marking

【NEW】Eyes Visual Marking

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Eyes: Visual Marking Control System

Installed on the marking equipment and used in conjunction with the BS marking control system, itcan achieve the laser processing operation of "point and shoot" and "what you see is what you get".


Technical Parameters:
• Eyes visually for the standard paraxial mounting, in which the camera / lens / light source throughthe adiustment mechanism mounted on top of the field mirror, the light source is used to fill thelight and can be removed, the camera mounting angle can be adjusted, the system can be up to thetechnicalindicators are as follows:

    Camera resolution(maximum): 1920*1080

    Camera lens mounting height: 250mm-300mm

    Camera Lens Mount: Supports mounting at 0/90/180/270 degree angles to thegalvanometer coordinates.

    Effective shooting range of the camera: ≥180mm*180mm

    Calibration range of calibration plate: 160*160mm(40*40*4*0.1mm)

    Maximum format of laser marking: 180mm*180mm and below

    Single Pixel Accuracy: ≤0.1mm

    Visual marking overlap accuracy: ±0.1mm

    Maximum deformation of marking pattern: 0.3%
Description of Definitions:
• Visual marking coin cidence accuracy: in the galvanometer coordinate system to specify any position for patternmarking, the pattern captured by the visual system for mapping alignment, and the maximum deviation from thetheoretical position of the marking file. Usually mark a rectangle within the maximum marking range, observethe center of the galvanometer coordinate system and the four corners of the alignment, the maximum devia.tion of the sizeis not higher than ± 0.1mm.

• Maximum deformation of the marking pattern: the proportion of deviation between the size of the drawn patternand the actual size of the marking, when the pattern is marked at an arbitrary position within the galvanometercoordinate system.

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