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Introduction of Embedded Configuration Software System

The software and hardware can be tailored to meet the requirements of the system for function, cost, volume and power consumption.

The simplest embedded configuration software system only has the control ability to perform a single function. There is only a single function control program in ROM, no micro operating system. Complex embedded systems, such as personal digital assistant (PDA) and handheld computer (HPC), have almost the same functions as PC. in essence, the only difference between them is that the micro operating system and application software are embedded in ROM, ram and false memory, rather than stored in disk and other carriers. Many complex embedded systems are integrated by several small embedded systems.

With the advent of the post PC era, customers in industry and other related fields pay more attention to the use of embedded industrial control configuration software with intelligence that meets their specific needs. This kind of configuration software can greatly shorten the time of putting the embedded products on the market, and make the products have rich man-machine interface, embedded web and control logic functions in line with IEC61131-3. It can also store a considerable amount of historical data, and partially complete the functions of field workstation level computer.

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