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Luo Tiegeng was selected into the fourth batch of Changsha Advanced Talents Proj

Luo Tiegeng was selected into the fourth batch of Changsha Advanced Talents Project and the shortage of talents gathering project

        On December 5, 2022, the list of the fourth batch of advanced Talents Leading Project and the Shortage and urgently Needed Talents Gathering Project (including the Shortage and urgently needed Talents Gathering Project in manufacturing industry) in Changsha was announced to the public. After preliminary examination, review, field investigation, expert review and other multiple selection, Changsha BSI Information Technology Co., LTD. General manager Luo Tiegeng was selected as the manufacturing industry in need of talents.

        The project of Leading advanced talents in Changsha City and the project of gathering talents in short need are important contents of Changsha Talent Policy "45 upgraded version", which is of great significance for the industrial upgrading and development of Changsha. Putting talents at the top of the development list, BSI Company now has a doctor expert team and first-class R&D team (62 people in the existing team, accounting for 65% of the R&D staff). In the future, BSI will continue to gather talents, train talents scientifically, and expand the excellent expert team in the field of laser control.

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