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Cleaning Control System (cleaning card and touch screen)

Main functions:

• Effectively eliminates focus at both ends of the beam.

• Support digital knob switches for quick adjustment of galvanometer speed and amplitude.

• it's convenient to adjust the power, frequency and pulse width of the laser can be easily on the touch screen.

• Support the screen locking function, which does not work in the screen locking state.

• Support red light function.

• Customization function: The laser power can be set in sections so as to achieve a specific cleaning effect.

• Support setting cleaning area size and area calibration.

• Different cleaning shapes can be set; Multi-group pen number parameters can be set.

• Support red light function.

• Support multiple filling modes (such as straight line, curve, sine curve, etc.)

Application Industry:

• Mainly used to clean oxides, oil stains and welding slag on product surfaces. Widely used in auto-mobile industry, ships, industrial manufacturing, cultural relic restoration, etc.

The laser cleaning control system can support a variety of lasers and can be set up with multiple cleaning paths to meet various process requirements, in the automotive manufacturing process,lubricants and antirust oils used can contaminate automotive components, severely degrading theguality of the subsequent high-energy joining process, necessitating a thorough cleaning of theioining surfaces with a laser.

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